Pop-Up & Play!

Pop-Up & Play! is a Co-op basketball experience happening at Life is Living Saturday, October 12th at Lil Bobby Hutton aka DeFremery Park in West Oakland. Children 13 & under start playing at noon. Adult games start at 1 pm and go until 3 pm. 

We’ll play pick-up basketball games, Co-op style. Healthy competition. Order without force. Keeping our own score. 

Pop-Up & Play is another collaboration with the Pop-Up Village, bringing regenerative design back into the hands of the community. 

Experience pick-up basketball in a whole new way ~ with a healthy snack bar, blender bike smoothies, and information on ways to plug-in to the broader Cooperative movement. 


11AM Sign-Ups start at the Pop-Up & Play Zone

11:30AM Stretching & Playing Around

NOON - 1PM Child’s Play Only

1:10PM - 3PM Adults + Baller Child’s Play

*These games, a child is 13 years old & younger


A Healthy Snack Bar, Blender Bike Smoothies & Other Healthy Concessions

In collaboration with the Pop-Up Village

See you at Life is Living

Fox Nakai
Freedom Farmers Market

We love the Freedom Farmers Market! You can check them out every Saturday between 10 am - 3 pm at 3615 Market Street in Oakland. This market brings legacy African American foods from Black sustainable farmers and creates a culture of intergenerational love vibes, cooperative economics, and healthy food education.

Freedom Farmers Market pops up every Saturday from July to November. We (Mandela Grocery Co-op) pick up boxes of produce from the beautiful farmers there every week. Check them out! Support and show the farmers some love. We'll see you there!

Fox Nakai
Mandela Meals featuring Jeneba Kilgore

Meet Jeneba Kilgore, one of the work-owners here at the Coop. Jeneba shares her family recipe for Ground Nut Stew aka Peanut Butter Soup with us on this episode of Mandela Meals!

Fox Nakai
Fox Nakai-5917.jpg

Mandela Grocery Cooperative is firing up our stoves for you, bringing fresh, hot, healthy foods to our neighbors. Stop by starting August 10th for our soft opening where we'll be serving up our sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and rotisserie chicken. Come in, say hi, have a taste, and let us know what you want to eat.

With love,

The Co-op

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Celebrating 10 Years of Grocery Co-op Business

 Live Performances 

Starting around 5pm performances by: 
Jazz Hudson  <3 Goddess Butter
Zero Charisma
& So-So Topic 

Good times!

The cool part is all of the performers are our customers too. Plus one's a Co-op supplier and another is our founding Member & Co-op President.

Here's more of what's happening at the Pop-Up.



Game Time

Of course, we know Friday is game 4 in Oakland. We've got it covered. Watch the game at the Pop-Up!



YEEE! And It's Cherry Season!


It's Cook-Out Season, Too!

Whether you're making your dish from scratch or choosing from our fine selection of hand picked party flavors SHOP THE CO-OP and have the best food at the Cook-Out.  For real!

photo by Fox Nakai

photo by Fox Nakai

~ Thank You ~

As always, thanks to our folks orchestrating the Pop-Up Village. We love you and we're juiced to collab on the future Pop-Up Village Co-op! 


We close with a VIDEO, a sample cut from our Co-op documentary film coming soon. Stay Tuned.  

See You Friday at The Co-op Party! 

Fox Nakai
New Window Art

The artist who painted our windows is none other than our neighbor, Joonbug, Mandela Grocery customer and friend. Inspiration for our window art comes from tradition, People's Consumer Cooperative, an African-American run grocery cooperative in Chicago in the 1930's - 1940's. Learn more about People Co-op in Collective Courage (we sell the book!)and 
check out more of Joonbug's work at his site http://www.bugs87.com





Fox Nakai
Berkeley Food Institute: California's top 20 changemakers

In late June, the Berkeley Food Institute at UC Berkeley launched a multi-media project Hungry for Change, which features twenty trailblazing food systems reformers from across the California, dedicated to advancing equity, health, and sustainability in food and farming systems. Mandela co-owner Adrionna Fike was one of the individuals featured in this list.

Read Adionna’s changemaker spotlight here.

Learn more about Hungry For Change here.

Fox Nakai