Quality Dignified Jobs

At the Co-op, workers collectively play active and meaningful roles that drive the success of the store. Workers directly contribute to and benefit from continuous learning and improved operations of the business.


Jobs at Mandela Grocery are long-term. We offer a unique hiring process, extensive orientation, ongoing grocery specific skills training and Cooperative education. Workers are offered competitive wages and unique benefits. Our Co-op family circulates love, support, skills and money into our community.

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Mandela Grocery is a social-economic multiplier. We offer a holistic way of working that empowers low income workers of color (youth & adults) to become leaders, health champions, and business owners who catalyze improved community well being.

Our workers understand the Grocery business with industry-wide perspective. We are reintroducing an industry niche (Grocery Co-ops). Our model is built on the foundation of providing transformative jobs and business ownership opportunity while expanding a cooperative economy that prioritizes local farmers and local food production.