Celebrating 10 Years of Grocery Co-op Business

This Friday we celebrate 10 Years Nourishing Our West Oakland Neighborhood as the only Grocery Store in Oakland owned by us, the Workers.  

Join us this Friday, June 7th from 3pm-8pm and experience the beauty in how cooperation works - as business & community.

Come talk story, eat good, reflect, dance, laugh out loud and explore what's new at The Co-op. 


 Live Performances 

Starting around 5pm performances by: 
Jazz Husdon  <3 Goddess Butter
Zero Charisma
& So-So Topic 

Good times!

The cool part is all of the performers are our customers too. Plus one's a Co-op supplier and another is our founding Member & Co-op President.

Here's more of what's happening at the Pop-Up.



Game Time

Of course, we know Friday is game 4 in Oakland. We've got it covered. Watch the game at the Pop-Up!



YEEE! And It's Cherry Season!


It's Cook-Out Season, Too!

Whether you're making your dish from scratch or choosing from our fine selection of hand picked party flavors SHOP THE CO-OP and have the best food at the Cook-Out.  For real!

photo by Fox Nakai

photo by Fox Nakai

~ Thank You ~

As always, thanks to our folks orchestrating the Pop-Up Village. We love you and we're juiced to collab on the future Pop-Up Village Co-op! 


We close with a VIDEO, a sample cut from our Co-op documentary film coming soon. Stay Tuned.  

See You Friday at The Co-op Party! 

Fox Nakai