Our Shop

Unlike conventional supermarkets and grocery stores, Mandela is operated, centrally governed, and democratically controlled by our worker-owners. Our structure and operations are guided by cooperative principles and a strong community centered mission.

Our Sourcing Ethos

We prioritize sourcing from local farmers and food purveyors. Why? Because it keeps money circulating within our local economy longer, providing more jobs to people who live in our area. We intentionally support businesses run by people of color because we are deeply committed to creating opportunity for interdependence in the food space, where POC entrepreneurs generate livable incomes that support their families. Our standards for high-quality food means we are always looking for fresh, nutrient dense and packaged foods made with clean ingredients.   

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A Full-Service Grocery Store

Our small neighborhood store has the following departments:

  • Local & Organic Produce

  • Hormone Free Dairy

  • Well Selected Grocery & Sundry Items

  • Household Goods & Pet Food

  • Bulk (including bulk Herbs & Spices)

  • Frozen Food Variety

  • Grab & Go Meals

  • Household Goods

  • Natural Bath & Beauty Products

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