Nourishing our neighborhood of West Oakland with healthy food, wellness resources, and collective ownership.

Shop the Co-op

Our full-service grocery store sources from entrepreneurs and farmers in California with a focus on black and brown farmers and food makers. We want to strengthen and diversify our local economy. In the store, you’ll find fresh, pesticide-free produce, high-quality meats, hormone-free eggs and dairy, local bread and a growing sundries department with high-quality products including locally-made beauty and wellness products. Come check us out!

What is a worker-owned cooperative?

Worker Cooperatives (aka co-op’s) are principled, values-driven businesses with workers’ lives and community benefits at the core of our purpose.

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The Worker Co-op model is an effective tool for creating long-term, dignified jobs, particularly in urban low-income communities. The workers are the owners. Worker-owners invest time and energy into our neighborhood business and build up blighted areas. By working collaboratively to achieve business goals, we build skills and wealth assets.  The Worker Co-op business model empowers each of us to build up our own communities. We come together, we learn, build and over time we change ourselves and our environments.

Can there be an effective and efficient business that is also a social endeavor run on the principles of democracy and equality?
— Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Collective Courage